About Us

About Us

We are BREED… an ingenious group of freethinking individuals who have joined forces to create a harmonious network that services businesses and individuals.

BREED, an acronym for Business Resource Exchange & Entrepreneur Development, is a multifaceted business development and brand-marketing agency. BREED is comprised of four (4) main divisions: 1) Business Development, 2) BREED Publishing, 3) Creative Artists and 4) Talent Management.

We service business with planning, creating and managing product and service advertisements. If you need a new logo, website or advertisement for your business service or product, BREED can meet that need. We have a team of creative and well-experienced individuals who offer support in project management, photography, film/television/video production (writers, directors, stylists, set designer), music production, brand development, product development and graphic arts.

Starting and running a business can be exciting and rewarding. However, it can be challenging and often you may find yourself in need of guidance and/or support. We are here to assist you. We grow our business as we help build your business.

In addition to our creative artists network, we manage an exclusive group of talented individuals who are pursuing careers in modeling, acting, music and writing. We desire to produce a well-informed and well-prepared talent that is fully capable of meeting the demands of this industry. It takes a special BREED to make it in the fashion industry. We are here to ensure their success.

BREED… It’s what we do… It’s who we are.